Bitumen Emulsion Plant


Bitumen Emulsion Plant

MARINI emulFALT is the reliable, highly efficient, compact, easy to use, economic bitumen emulsion plantwhich is engineered for bitumen emulsion production for all road construction projects, asphalt applications and other special applications.

  • Designed and produced by MARINI MAKİNA, emulFALT’s colloidmill guarantees perfect results that can provide preferredparticle size by adjustable gap setting between rotor/statordiscs for all types of bitumen emulsions (even with low PENbitumen or modified bitumen).
  • Divided inlet for WAE and bitumen at the colloid mill in order toprevent foaming and ensure perfect particle size.
  • Reliable and controlled production with thermal oil orelectrically heated mill, inverter controlled bitumen and WAEpump, flowmeters, valves and piping.
  • Trouble-free and precise production with robust plant structureequipped with stainless steel water-acid-emulsifier (WAE) tankand acid-emulsifier weighing hopper on loadcells, thermostaticcontrolled stainless steel heating coils.
  • 316L stainless steel gear type positive displacement water-acidemulsifier(WAE) pump and flowmeter, both are suitable forworking with acidic and basic liquids.
  • Ease of operation by accurate continuous control via bitumen,WAE and kerosene flowmeters in accordance with receiptbasedmanufacturing.
  • Container type compact design for easy transportation andinstallation.
  • Optional; Bitumen Flowmeter can be added to the mill’sbitumen feeding line.
  • Optional; kerosene dosing system consists of a gear typekerosene pump with ex-proof electric motor includingflowmeter and specially designed static mixer for premixing inorder to reach desired dosing quality.
  • Optional; latex dosing system and optional heat exchanger formodified bitumen emulsion applications.
  • Optional; integrated bitumen tank (IBT) for special bitumenprocesses and flexible production opportunities forvarious project needs.
  • Optional; twin WAE tanks to enable capacity increase bycontinuous production.
  • Optional; PLC & SCADA control system with embedded touchscreen computer on the control panel or control cabin optionwith PC.
Up to 15 t/h, thermal oil heated,Transportation with 1x20’ Open Top containers or 1 standard trailer.
Up to 15 t/h, electrical heating,Transportation with 1x20’ Open Top containers or 1 standard trailer.
Up to 6 t/h, thermal oil heated,Transportation with 1x20’ Open Top containers or 1 standard trailer.
Up to 6 t/h, electrical heating,Transportation with 1x20’ Open Top containers or 1 standard trailer.

Colloidal Mill

emulFALT’s emulMILL with its adjustable milling gap provides<6 μm particle size and guarantees the best quality of finalproduct even with low penetration bitumen. Thermal oil orelectrically heated mill is suitable for the production of bothanionic and cationic emulsions and also modified bitumenemulsions.

Colloidal Mill & Pumping Section

1-Check Valves
2-WAE Flowmeter
3-Colloidal Mill
4-Emulsifier Pump
5-Kerosene Dosing System (OPT)
6-Bitumen Mass Flowmeter (OPT)
7-Bitumen Pump

WAE Preparation Tank

emulFALT’s water-acid-emulsifier preparation tank’s bodyand heating coil pipes are constructed with 316L stainlesssteel and tank is covered with rockwool insulation. No.1,3kW, direct coupled with a gear-motor agitator with 316Lstainless steel shaft and blades, equipped with protectedbearing housing at the bottom of the tank.

Acid and Emulsifier Weighing Hopper

Acid & emulsifier weighing hopper (316L stainless steel) isequipped with a loadcell and has 60lt operational capacity.

Bitumen Pump & Circulation Pump

emulFALT’s special design helical gear type bitumen pumpwith inverter ensures stable bitumen flow and preventsperformance loss in the colloidal mill, so mill can focus itswhole production capacity on milling process. Hot oilcirculation pump is a 1,5kW ALLWEILER centrifugal pump forthermal oil heated version of the plant.

Control System

Control system of the emulFALT is manual as a standard.However, PLC & SCADA control system with embedded touchscreen computer on the control panel or control cabin with PCoptions are available.

Kerosene Dosing System (OPTIONAL)

There are two op􀆟ons for kerosene dosing system;

1- High flow rate (%25-60) to produce cut-back (MC).
2- Low flow rate (%3-10) for so􀅌ening the bitumen.

Bitumen Mass Flowmeter (OPTIONAL)

Bitumen mass flowmeter to produce high-quality emulsion.Thanks to bitumen flowmeter; the actual amount of bitumenflow, total amount and other parameters can be checked andadjusted properly.

Latex Dosing System (OPTIONAL)

Latex Dosing System is an external part of the emulsion plantthat feeds the plant with latex through a dosing pump which isequipped with an inverter for perfect dosing rates. LatexDosing System can be easily positioned according to worksitelayout thanks to its flexible hoses and compact size.Dosing rate can be adjusted in accordance with the recipe.

Integrated Bitumen Tank (OPTIONAL)

Integrated Bitumen Tank (IBT) with 9 ton capacity is a perfectsolu􀆟on to keep small amounts of bitumen at requiredtemperature without heating up/cooling down the wholebitumen storage to operational values; and therefore,reducing heating costs. Additionally, it provides productionflexibility by allowing to add & mix (with agitator) solid andliquid additives directly into the bitumen prior to millingprocess.


The integration of Twin WAE Tanks reduces the batchintervals, thus capacity increases with continuous production.While WAE mix is being prepared in one part of the tank, readyWAE mix is being fed into the system.

Heat Exchanger (OPTIONAL)

The heat exchanger is used for instantly and continuouslydecreasing the temperature of final product according torequired values. It is used for modified bitumen emulsionproduction and processes that need fast cooling for relatedapplications.

Other Options

1-Integrated Control Cabin on Chassis for Electric Box, w/o A/C
2-SCADA-PLC Control Panel

emulFALT - Easy Transportation

emulFALT15 emulsion plant is designed as a compact machinein order to be transported by 20’ OT container, especially foroverseas trades.
emulFALT15; Width x Length x Height: 2130x6000x2300mm

emulFALT - Integrated Bitumen Tank Transportation

Integrated Bitumen Tank (IBT) option is a flexible solution fordifferent emulsion applications. emulFALT15 with IBT can betransported easily by a truck and also 40’ OT container allaround the world.
Width x Length x Height: 2146x9630x2300mm