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Advanced recycling system

Recycled cold material is added directly to the stream or mixer through the warm recycling system and reaches its final temperature by heat transfer with unprocessed hot aggregate.
Thanks to the advanced design of the recycling system, residual bitumen on the material to be recycled does not cause any blockage during its combination with unprocessed aggregate.
This economical, tried and tested solution recycles up to 35% and in some specific cases even more.

Recycling in the mixer

The recycled material is transferred to the mixer with the cold-mix elevator and, like unprocessed aggregates, is weighed in a separate weighing hopper before being added to the mixer.
The vapor created in the mixer must be removed and the production output can be modified to ensure full heat transfer between cold LDA and unprocessed hot aggregates.
Unprocessed aggregates can be sieved, as unprocessed aggregates and recycled aggregates follow different cycles throughout the mixer. 25% recycling can be achieved in the mixer, and in some specific cases, when this technique is combined with a warm recycling system, the rates can reach 40%.

Recycling in the second drayer

The recycled material is dried and heated in a separate parallel-flow drayer specifically designed for this purpose. Unprocessed aggregate follows a conventional cycle and passes through the sieve.