About Us

The Company

Our Company has been founded in January 2009 with the name TEKFALT as a Joint Stock Company to serve on road construction machinery: design, production, consultancy, after sales services and spare part services.

With the experience of our partners and management team, in a very short time, TEKFALT become a well-known name in road construction machinery market with a good market share.

Our Company has joined FAYAT GROUP since Agust 2011 as a subsidiary of Italy’s leader Asphalt Plant Manufacturer MARINI S.p.A.

Our Company has been renamed MARINI MAKINA A.S. since April 2012 and it is commercially known as Marini Turkiye. As a subsidiary of MARINI, we are targeting to be recognized as the best in our field of activity with continuous customer satisfaction, supplying high quality & competitive goods, honest & fast service.

The brand TEKFALT will continue to identify the economical products manufactured with the same quality already known.

The Company Philosophy

  • To act honestly towards the government, customers, shareholders, personnel, business partners and suppliers at all times,
  • To preserve the environment and social balance within the corporation,
  • To guide the customer with impartiality, while giving first priority to his wishes,
  • To give utmost importance to quality, to try to present better service even when the customer is satisfied,
  • To develop employee training systems, aiming at upgrading educational levels,

Our Value

  • Experience
  • Credibility
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Autonomy

Fields of Activity

The main field of activity of MARINI is asphalt machinery. Our expertise is the design, consultancy, production, service and spare parts of asphalt machinery.

Quality Policy

To provide products and services at international quality standards, which meet customer’s expectations and needs at the utmost level. To ensure continuous quality:

  • analyzing professionally and sharing with the team the customer’s needs and producing the highest quality & most economical solutions,
  • following technological developments and transferring to the team, to meet changing customer’s expectations and market requirements,
  • ensuring continuous high-quality material and service procurement, cooperating with and supporting suppliers & subcontractors,
  • providing total quality control, in compliance with ISO 9001 quality management system, in production, services, product quality and customer satisfaction.