Periodical Inspections

Planned maintenance – Periodical inspections

Correct plant maintenance means longer plant life as well as improved performance and the reduction to a minimum of operational down-time, so avoiding loss of time and money.
With this in mind, MARINI has formulated a project for service and preventive maintenance.
MARINI has put its vast experience in the road building sector to the service of its clients, through its specialized team of electricians, mechanics and software experts, and with its knowledge of all the wearing parts of the plant components.
The three proposals mean that all the needs of the client can be addressed, and he can be put in a position to completely manage the maintenance of his plant.

The advantages of the MARINI Planned Maintenance Programme

Each offer is programmed and designed for each individual client, on the basis of the type of plant, the annual estimated production and the general state of the plant.

Operational Advantages:

  • Guarantee of the level of quality of work, added to greater plant reliability and efficiency
  • Priority of professional technical support guaranteed in emergency situations
  • Advisory support in the choice of spare parts for the stockroom
  • Reduction in the number and length of plant stoppages
  • Staff training and development

Economic and Financial Advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Greater turnover and profit margins due to constant monitoring of plant operations
  • Minimized depreciation of the value of the plant thanks to its regular certified maintenance
  • Optimizing the costs of spare parts supplies Contact us for further information and quotations