Training catalog

We are fully aware of the importance of training for our clients. Well prepared and competent staff guarantee the productivity and reliability of the plant. This is why we have designed a package of four different training programmes, with a new and modern formation structure.
We have a new classroom and computer/simulator area so that our training courses can live up to the clients’ expectations.

Basic course for operators of asphalt plants

Basic training for operators

If you work in the asphalt production and you don’t know where to begin, if you come from the road construction sector but have never worked on one of these plants, or if you have a quarry and are thinking of adding a new business to what you already do, this is the course for you. At the end of this training course, you will be able to adjust the main system settings and correctly perform the maintenance necessary for its proper operation, as well as produce the most common bituminous asphalt recipes.

Course description

The training course is designed to provide aspiring operators, foremen, plant managers, laboratory technicians and maintenance workers basics on the production of asphalt with MARINI plants. After briefly touching on the basics of road construction, the course will explore the plant types by analysing each component in detail. From the best practices on correct system start-up to production techniques with a focus on fuel consumption, recipe settings and jobsite safety; from the calibration of cold feeders and scales to the use of Cybertronic software. The course will offer a unique opportunity to approach the production of asphalt mixes using MARINI plants for the first time.

The management of the burner

How to reduce consumption by optimising burner settings?

Increase your company’s profits by reducing your burner’s consumption on your asphalt plant. This course will provide the operator of your facility or your foreman with all the knowledge and skills needed for daily implementation of best practices to optimise burner efficiency on MARINI asphalt plants. Are you interested in increasing profit while reducing costs? This is the course for you!

Course description

The trainign course focuses on the burner on MARINI palnts and aims to provide a detailed understanding of its operation and settings. After a quick review of the principles of the combustion process, the lessons will focus on the adjustment and maintenance of the burner on the asphalt plants by MARINI. The course will examines the aspects that make it possible to obtain the correct shape of the flame, how to adjust the temperature, which logic should be used to choose fuels to maximise burner efficiency.

CYBERTRONIC: The MARINI control system

Cybertronic is the MARINI management software; together we’ll learn the “Secrets” to produce better & maximising savings

Are you new to Cybertronic management software and you don’t know where to begin? Or do you want to better understand the Our asphalt plant management software to make your plant’s production more efficient and cost-effective? This is the course for you!

Course description

This course is meant for ashalt plant operators, foremen and maintenance workers and aims to train participants in using the Cybertronic 500 Software. The training module will not focus only on a mere explanation of the software features, but it will offer the chance to discover all the tricks that MARINI operators have learned on the field and can use at the management console. Learning the checking and calibration procedures, changing recipe parameters, understanding the on-board interface integrated with the PLC, adjusting the sensors, converters and inverters, optimising fuel consumption and reading diagnostics will all be operations with no more secrets. Last but not least, there will also be a focus on topics related to the optimisation of the use of RAP (recycled Asphalt Pavement) and the new optional control modules to monitor energy consumption and select the operating modes that lead to maximum energy savings.

Routine maintenance of MARINI plants

Getting to know the system thoroughly: perfect maintenance leads to greater efficiency and production

Are you the operator of an asphalt plant, a foreman, an electrician or maintenance technician who will have to work on a MARINI plant? Do you want to shorten system downtimes by learning the skills needed to solve most of the common problems independently? Do you want to communicate with MARINI technicians adequately, reducing response times and speeding up resets? Then this is the course for you.

Course description

The course aims to provide foremen, operators and plant managers the basics on the maintenance of the plant in order to maintain the same efficiency while reducing systems downtimes. The participant will learn how to properly use the User and Maintenance Manual as an essential tool for every maintenance operation on the plant. The course also will explore issues related to safety, operation and use of controls and tools, as well as the tuneing and adjustments to be made periodically on the plant. The course will become a solid aid in solving the most common problems that can occur with the asphalt mix plant. By understanding the causes, the participant will also acquire the ability to remedy situations, independently restoring the plant’s functionality for the most common problems. A large portion of the course will be devoted to understanding the wiring diagrams of the various system components to be able to read the signals coming into the cabin, and communicate properly with the MARINI support when necessary.